Damp Squib – Expression of the Week

Therefore, if something is referred to as a damp squib, it signifies that it is a disappointment or a let down in comparison with the expectation that it had.

Madrid Harps – Irish Sports and Culture in Madrid

For over ten years now the Madrid Harps have been established, competing in numerous Gaelic Football championships throughout Spain and abroad.

The Perfect Cuppa´

Having moved to Spain little over a year ago, one of the largest cultural differences that I have encountered is the Spanish reliance on coffee, in order to perform daily tasks. But almost as soon as I asked the question of why it is so different from the likes of the UK and Ireland, I…

How to Pass Cambridge Advanced Exam

The Cambridge Advanced Examination (CAE) is an exam that certifies you have a C1 level of English when you pass it. In comparison with the First Certificate Exam (B2) it is quite difficult, but here we have compiled five tips to help you pass this exam.

“Cheeky” – Slang of the Day

If you type the word “cheeky” into your Google search, chances are the first thing that will come up will be “cheeky Nando’s”.

Extr@ English Youtube Series

The Extr@ youtube series provides a small online series that follows the lives of a number of characters in an aprtment in London, similar to that of the popular American series Friends.

Father Ted – An Introduction to Irish Humour

A common question from students is about what television series to watch to try and improve their English, and also enjoy the series as well, which is more difficult than it sounds. More recently made programmes like Game of Thrones, Mad Men and Breaking Bad very well made and grip your attention for long periods, but if you want a real insight into Irish/British humour, look no further than Father Ted.

The English Academy Podcast Ten

As we enter double digits in our run of podcasts, Alex, Conor and Julia discuss about conditionals and give some advice for Spanish people coming to the UK as a visitor or to live. There are only a few more podcasts left before the end of the year (sigh) so you should be taking advantage as…