Phrasal Verbs with “Take”

In this week’s blog we “take” a look at the various phrasal verbs that are connected with the word “take”. We provide a definition for the expression and give you an example that tries to explain it in the best way possible. Let’s go! Take Up: To begin or start a new hobby, such as…

Phrasal Verbs With “Put”

With this week’s blog we are going to focus on the root verb “put”, and how it is used with certain prepositions to create different meanings.

Seventh English Academy Podcast

The phrasal verbs keep on coming this week as we discuss several different meanings of these annoying little clusters of our language. Our discussion focuses on the topical issue of whether marijuana should be legalized or not, some interesting opinions shared. What do you think?

Sixth English Academy Podcast – Phrasal Verb Special

The English Academy Podcast returns for its sixth instalment. This week we had guest contributor Andres Martin Barrio, a friend of Alex and Conor’s from Valladolid. We discuss some phrasal verbs, and the benefits and disadvantages of translation. Enjoy!