My English Experience – Cristina Herrero

I have been learning English since I was eight years old. So many years learning a language and I have not managed it successfully. First of all, teaching methodology has changed in recent decades, fortunately for all of us. When I was at school and high school, English lessons weren’t based on the communicative approach….

Madrid Harps – Irish Sports and Culture in Madrid

For over ten years now the Madrid Harps have been established, competing in numerous Gaelic Football championships throughout Spain and abroad.

Father Ted – An Introduction to Irish Humour

A common question from students is about what television series to watch to try and improve their English, and also enjoy the series as well, which is more difficult than it sounds. More recently made programmes like Game of Thrones, Mad Men and Breaking Bad very well made and grip your attention for long periods, but if you want a real insight into Irish/British humour, look no further than Father Ted.