Sorry, I don’t speak English…

Learning a language is a very hard task. Everyone who has tried to speak a second language knows that.

I have been studying English since I was six years old, and after twenty two years, I still can’t speak fluently. Obviously, there are different stages in the process. The beginning can be very boring due to not being able to communicate with anyone, and having to memorise everything off by heart. This is only one of the problems that you have to face.

Fortunately, in no time you will have improved enough to be able to make yourself understood. In this moment you realise that all the time that you have spent studying has been worth it.

As a student with a lot of years experience, I would highly recommend starting to pay attention to song lyrics. You can learn a lot through music.

If your weakness is listening I also recommend watching English films in their original version.

And of course, don’t be shy and speak, speak, speak….


By Alvaro Rodriguez




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