Explained: More Strange English Idioms

Ever heard a strange expression in English and thought, “I know exactly what they said, but I have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about”? We are on a mission to change that…

Revising Tenses with Songs!

Katie Flood looks at songs as a way of reviewing the tenses in English, a very useful resource for students

Five Essential Phrases for a Visit to Ireland

Planning a visit to Ireland in the coming weeks, months or years? Do you want to make yourself sound as if you are from southside Dublin, the hills of Donegal, or the KIngdom of Kerry? To celebrate St.Patrick’s Day, the annual celebration of the patron saint of Ireland, we have compiled some of the essential…

First Ever English Academy Podcast!

Here it is, the first English Academy Podcast, courtesy of Alex, Julia and Conor. This week we talk about what we’re going to be doing on the blog/podcast in the next few weeks, second conditionals and we also have our tip of the week!